How to cook for yourself and not eat stew everyday

At least once a year my friend Ryan texts me to ask the best way to cook chicken breasts. Ned texts me a couple of times a year to ask about a type of cheese or a certain cooking technique. Karl and I have lengthy conversations about n/a cocktails. It seems like they could just Google it but it’s much cooler to text your chef friend. Let me act as your chef friend. I will show you the most direct uncomplicated way to shop, cook, and make drinks for one or two people. It can be disheartening to try and cook for yourself when all the recipes are “serves four to six.” I don’t wanna eat this meal all week! The Reddit that helps folx meal plan seem to be written by people who don’t mind eating the same meal every day for a week. I cannot fathom a day without variety. In this series of blog posts I’m going to help you shop, plan, and execute dinner for yourself without batch and freeze dishes. There is no better way to show yourself that you like and care about yourself than making a delicious healthy-ish meal. You eat three times a day, correcting your diet is the easiest lifestyle change to make. This is not a diet. I don’t do that bullshit. This is a simple primer on how to make supper for yourself. I’m going to get most of my groceries from the market near my house. The ingredients will be easy to find. Don’t try to tackle the whole thing at once. You’ll still go out to dinner and order pizza to eat on your couch in your underwear the way god intended. This is intended to give you options so you don’t feel like a stranger in your own kitchen. Let’s walk this grocery aisle together.

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